The flowing of life: a poem

I wrote this poem a while back, decided it was time to share.

Life flows out of me.
It runs down my arms and drips off my fingers.
It falls to the ground and seeps into the soil.
Deep into the earth it goes.

Life flows in me.
It soaks my bones.
It rushes through my blood, coursing in every crevice,
every organ.
Deep into my soul it goes.

Life flows around me.
Through my friends and my family and all people.
They speak the words of life.
They whisper its meaning, shout its purpose, and share its hidden thoughts.
Deep into them life goes.

My life spreads across the world
Reaching, changing, learning.
Continuously flowing.
It will never stop.
It will never slow.
Life flows, and I flow with it.

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