Halloween at work

My department had a Halloween-themed meeting yesterday. Since the meeting fell on the day before Halloween and one of Denver Public School’s mottoes is “Fun” we had a costume contest and brought in sweets to share. I made chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread. Although I didn’t dress up, I did end up getting my face painted a bit.

Next year I am determined to wear a costume. I don’t know what yet and I don’t know how but I would love to sew my own outfit. I figure if I can make a decision soon then I can start planning and creating. And hopefully I’ll go to some kind of geek convention next year so I could wear my outfit twice. I think I want to be a character in a TV show or movie, but there are so many good options that choosing one is going to be difficult. Almost as difficult as making the costume!

The meeting went well and more people brought goodies than signed up, which was a nice surprise. It did mean that I took home half of my baked goods, which I wasn’t expecting. Now I have a bag of cookies, pumpkin bread pieces, and two bags of candy. I’ve filled up the Halloween bowl for tonight and just hope we have enough kids to dump all the candy I don’t want. If there’s any leftovers I’ll just bring it all to work. I have another, bigger meeting on Tuesday that could use it.

Those that dressed up did a fantastic job on their costumes. There was one group who dressed in black and had emoji faces (see above). There was also a scarecrow, Ursula, a dinosaur, and an awesome Starbucks cup costume that my coworker wore. Everyone was happy and excited. We ended the meeting by playing a DPS version of Jeopardy and then revealing the winners of the costume contest (Ursula won Best Overall Costume, it was amazing).

The longer I stay at this new position the happier I feel. I’m gaining new skills and am getting to hang out with some genuinely friendly people.

Happy Halloween!


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