Sunday hike on Green Mountain Trail

With a forecast of sun and a 71 degree high, Sunday morning meant a fall hike. I figured it was time to get in one more hike before the snow comes and trails close. My boyfriend, Gene, and I headed over to William F. Hayden Park to hike the Green Mountain Trail. We got to Parking Lot 1 a little before 9:30 am. I’ve learned that if you want a guaranteed parking spot at a trail head, you should get there by 8 am, if not earlier. So I felt lucky that there were a few parking spots left so late in the morning.

The trail we took is a 6.5 mile loop around the park. The majority of the trail follows the road, which is a bit of a bummer since my goal was to get away from the city. Still,for a hike only 30 minutes away from Denver, I’ll take it.

We headed left from the trail head. Although the sun ended up staying behind a massive cloud the entire time, it worked out since the hike had no cover. So I stayed comfortable for most of it. There was about a mile stretch of constant incline which was tough and got me sweating a bit. Wish I could avoid those uphill parts but then I wouldn’t get to see those great views of Colorado.This trail does allow dogs and mountain bikers.

I’m glad I got to get a hike in before the winter season begins. Hoping I’ll have another opportunity this month. Now I’m beginning to debate if I want to snow shoe this year. I tried it once two years ago and enjoyed it so maybe it’s time to try it out again.

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