Tuesday morning sunrise

Tuesday morning I got up early to attend a meeting for work. It meant I was privileged to see the sunrise.

I’m the kind of person that HATES getting up in the dark. Winter is hard on me because I wake up in the dark and then I drive home and spend the evening in the dark and I just feel antsy and bleh. I know I sound pitiful and silly but it truly is tough for me. My body and being are meant to be near the sun for 16 hours a day. 😉 This winter I’m going to try to only complain once a week about my hatred of the dark and see what that does. 🙂

The point of that digression is to say that I normally don’t see sunrises because I’m still in bed. So it was a lovely surprise this morning when I looked west and saw the mountains lit up in a beautiful pink. I quickly tried to snap a picture while at a stoplight. Of course it was with my phone so the picture didn’t turn out that great but I wanted to share anyway.

Sharing isn’t always about seeing something, sometimes it’s about feeling something. So take a look at the picture below and feel the Colorado sunrise. Feel the beauty of the mountains and the pink and orange light bouncing off them. Feel the morning cool and the quiet sounds of the world waking up. Feel what it is to live in Colorado.

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