What a great Wednesday

The couch arrived today! Gene stayed home from work and took care of everything so when I came home the new couch welcomed me in.

I was nervous at work, thinking that something would go wrong and the couch wouldn’t work out, but when I walked in the door and saw it I liked it. The cushions are firm and boy are the big. Someone could definitely sleep there if needed.

      Gotta get me my couch selfie


I like the fabric, I like the size, I like the firmness, I like it! I really hope this lasts the 10 years that the company said it would. I spent a good chunk of money on this couch, I don’t plan on buying another one for a very long time.

Then, after work, Gene and I went to a ramen restaurant for our reddit dinner meetup. We met a new guy and caught up with two old friends. It was such a lovely evening, I’m glad we all braved the snowy roads to hang out.

After dinner I opened up my reddit secret santa gift and got all the awesome things above. I’m pretty excited about the Nerdy Nummies cookbook my secret santa got me. The cookbook is from a YouTuber and she has some amazing recipes in it. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be posting about them!

I also like the catnip mice toys that my secret santa sent. I took one out for Pippin right away and after sniffing it for a few seconds he went after its tail. That cat instinct is good.

Today was a pretty good day. A couch. Dinner with friends. Gifts. And only two more days before I get two weeks off. I can’t complain!

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