What a great start to my break

I am off of work for the next two weeks! Man I love working for a school district.

The start to my break has been just wonderful. Yesterday, my two coworkers surprised me with a fun gift that I just had to share. For a little over a month now I’ve been doing my old job (high school athletics) again as my old coworkers are under investigation. So my current coworkers have had the joy of getting to hear my struggles with this one problem coach. Because of all the conversations they’ve overheard, they felt confident in making me this little gift below:

I could not stop laughing. They got a picture of the coach and wrote basically what he’s been talking to me about. It’s extremely hilarious and on point because they’ve only heard my side of the conversations with him since I talk to him on the phone. And holy crap were the spot on with what he says!

I LOVE working with my coworkers. They are such lovely and awesome people, you can tell by the fact that they did this for me. I’m so grateful.

I also got a Christmas present from my managers and team yesterday. They got me a really nice bottle of wine and a visa gift card. This makes me want to drink wine (and alcohol in general), the bottle is so pretty.

Then, right before I left work yesterday, my manager’s manager (our Assistant Superintendent) gave me a Christmas card with another visa giftcard! I mean, my gosh, I’m just rolling in gift cards and love, it’s amazing. It’s really an amazing feeling to know that people think of me. I feel so blessed.

And this morning I went to my coworker’s house for a lovely breakfast. I had such a good time. She invited a few other friends from work and it was just so pleasant. And when I was leaving her house to go home she gave me a Christmas present! I’m going to open it on Christmas Eve!

And now I have the next two weeks off. My life is truly good right now.

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