Christmas comes early

Because Gene and I are flying out to Virginia tomorrow morning to spend time with his family, we celebrated Christmas with my parents a couple days early. Gene left work early yesterday so we drove down to Colorado Springs and made it in time for dinner. We had delicious appetizers, soup, and fruit for dinner and then opened presents late into the evening. I got almost everything on my Amazon wishlist in one go, it was quite amazing. One of my favorite presents my parents got me was the first one I opened: slippers. Pippin loves my old slippers and has chewed and clawed them to where the stuffing is falling out. Not only that but they are the open heel kind, and so I never felt they were solidly on my feet. I’ve been wanting slippers for months now since the house has wood floors and I felt having my feet off the floor would keep me warmer.

This is the pair that I wanted! Moccasin slippers that cover the heel. I’m wearing them right now and can say happily that my feet are warm.

Gene and I also got a really nice cooler, a two player game my friend Katie recommended, and a Lowe’s gift card. I got two cardigans and a few pairs of socks which I’m excited to wear (they’re the good kind), among many other fantastic items. We finished the evening with some pecan pie and great conversation.

Then this morning we went to Black Bear Diner where we had pancakes and waffles made with buttermilk and sweet cream. I had almost no syrup on mine, they were that sweet (and delicious).

Yet again my break continues to be full of fun, love, and good times. Now on to Virginia to continue the goodness!

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