Back to the daily grind

First week back to work after a two week break and it went by quickly. I find the concept of time going slowly or quickly very interesting. Because time is going at the exact speed it always goes. In fact, time doesn’t actually exist, it’s a human construction based off of the planet we live on. The rest of the universe doesn’t follow our time scale.

Anyway, it’s said that we feel time is going slowly when we experience new things. But when we’re doing the same thing every day or every month, the time flies because we don’t have anything new to mark time against.

Interesting, right? It means go out and do more and new things and you’ll feel like you live longer (you’ll also probably be happier).

This week I worked on eating lunch in the lounge area of my building instead of at my desk. That way I can take the entire time to eat, read, and not think or talk about work. It was nicer than I expected it to be. Now I need to add in a short walk in the middle of my work day and I think I’ll be set for a healthy work life.

View from lunch on Thursday

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