Family, puzzle room, and doughnuts

Today was the start of my three day weekend. I made a promise with one of my coworkers yesterday that I would do something fun for myself each day I was off work. I definitely kept that promise today.

I started with lunch at Costa Vida with Gene, Kaitlin, and Kevin where Kaitlin gave me an adult coloring book to try out. I think it’ll be great for using while watching TV. Then we headed over to Epic Escape Game to try our brains out in a puzzle room! This was my first time doing a puzzle/escape room and I LOVED it. We had one hour to discover clues about our missing aunt before our family was going to sell all her possessions. The moment we stepped into her office, the door locked behind us and we had to work to find the way out. I won’t say any more to avoid spoiling the room, but know that it was really fun. We made our way out with 5 minutes to spare, it was intense!

I had such a great time, I would definitely do another escape room. Such a great way to spend an hour with friends and family.

After we nailed it at Epic Escape Game we went back to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house where we met their new dog, Colt, and played the deck building game, Dominion.

We headed out after taking some of their free weights (here’s to gaining some muscle), stopping at Krispy Kreme on the way. One of the workers at Krispy Kreme gave both me and Gene two fresh doughnuts each. It was unexpected but awesome. I was only able to eat one so now I have three doughnuts waiting for me. Sounds like some dessert and breakfast to me!

Tomorrow I think Gene and I are going to try to finally beat Portal 2, the co-op version, for Sunday’s fun activity.

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