Long weekend at an end

Yesterday and today were low-key days for me. Yesterday I finished reading Millénium, a science fiction book published in 1983 by John Varley. For a book set in the future, I’d say Varley did quite a good job without dating himself. There was one part, however, at the very end of the book, that did reflect the 1980s, which was a bummer. One character underwent a polygraph test, which has been proven as not being scientifically sufficient to use in police cases. The moment I began reading that portion of the book I stepped out of the story and was swept into reality. I can’t really blame the author for including it, as polygraphs have been used in our history, but it was a small set back for me.

Other than that small mishap, for me, the only other problem I really had was the ending. The plot revolves around time travel, which,naturally, never makes exact sense. Varley was clever and somewhat flippant in his way of explaining it (basically, none of the characters understand it, it just works), but in the end it seemed that he twisted his explanation a bit. I don’t want to give anything away but know that the ending left me hanging and a tiny bit confused. Still, it was one of the better random books I’ve read recently. I couldn’t put it down yesterday!

Today I finished reading The Four Agreements, a book that my coworker lent me. While the book had too much spiritual talk for me, when Miguel Ruiz, the author, got down to it, his message was great. He speaks on how people should live their lives in order to be happy, the four rules one should keep. It was an easy read (although it took me months to read it) and I believe he has some fantastic points. For those looking to improve their lives, and for those who can handle religious and gaudy talk, this book is good for you.

Besides reading, I’ve cleaned, played Wildstar, watched some Steven Universe and Great British Bakeoff, done a bit of cooking. Now I must be off to finish up dinner, tonight it is crockpot queso chicken chili!

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