Brunch and Castle Rock

This morning I went to the dentist for my biannual cleaning. I was given a referral to an oral surgeon to get my one wisdom tooth out. I had been hoping to avoid that but now that I think about it, my jaw has been a bit…off lately, so perhaps my wisdom tooth is the cause. I’ll go talk to the doctor and see what he says. It would probably be a good idea to get it removed and over with.

After the dentist, Gene and I met up with my family for brunch at a cafe in Castle Rock. At the end of it, my parents gave us a little topiary for the kitchen. It looks really good behind the sink, I like it.

Gene and I then drove to Castle Rock Park and hiked up to the top of Castle Rock. Well, not the top exactly. The actual castle part of Castle Rock doesn’t have a path to the top, you have to climb up the rocks. And with the trail being muddy, icy, and snowy, and I only in my tennis shoes, I didn’t think I was up to the challenge.

Still, it was a GORGEOUS day and the view was nice enough from where we were. These kinds of hikes are the ones that make me want a much better zoom lens for my camera. Alas, I do not take enough pictures for me to actually justify looking into buying one. Anyway, it’s better to experience the view, pictures never quite do nature justice.

4 thoughts on “Brunch and Castle Rock

    1. Gene doesn’t like the light that comes from those windows so we put up blankets. We’ll get blinds eventually to help.

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