Board game night

Gene and Pippin, a couple days ago

Today was an easy going day filled with a walk, laundry, and some piano practice. The past two weekends I’ve spent some time at the piano trying to learn “Defying Gravity”, a song in the Broadway production of Wicked. I can do a decent job at part of it when I’m counting and taking my time, but when I start to get into it and singing along, that’s when the mistakes happen. Haha, have to keep on practicing.

In the afternoon Gene and I went to our monthly board game meet up. I played three new games, including Antidote, a card game about finding the right solution to being poisoned. It was quick to learn, easy to play, and fun. For the most part, I don’t want to buy any board games for myself so I like getting to try out different games at this meet up.

I may actually try to go to board game night more often than just once a month. Turns out a group of people play games every weekend at the store. I’m not quite that much of a serious gamer to go every week, but perhaps every other week? I’ll have to see how I feel.

No pictures of game night but I did feel pretty this evening so I figured a picture of myself would suffice.

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