Agent Carter quick review

With the winter season comes a break from one of my favorite shows, Agents of Shield. You’d think I’d be sad but ABC knows what it’s doing and has a new show, Agent Carter, run in its place.

Agent Carter is a TV show about the founder of Shield, Peggy Carter, a female operative in an organization similar to the FBI. The show is now in its second season and I am loving it.
Peggy Carter is an amazing character. She is currently my favorite female lead in media. She absolutely carries the show and it’s fantastic. She kicks some serious ass (which in itself is quite impressive and inspiring) and is both intelligent and loving. She is one strong female character who is dynamic and deep. When men underestimate her she doesn’t lower herself to their standards, she proves over and over again her worth and strength and determination. The way she acts is inspiring.
Not only does the show revolve around a strong female lead, which is wonderful, but it also introduces you to familiar characters like Howard Stark and Jarvis. It shows you what happened to Peggy Carter after she had to say goodbye to Captain America. The story is genuinely interesting and the drama that so many shows insert (and that I generally hate) is lacking for the most part.
What it comes down to is that if you aren’t watching this show, you really need to because it’s one of the few decent shows these days. I think people forget what good stories are with all the reality TV and crappy writing that bombard the channels. So when a truly good show appears, it’s important to give it the credit it deserves. Agent Carter is one of those gems.

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