Most epic weekend ever?

Can you spot Pippin?

This week has been crazy but I FINALLY have some time to sit down a write a post.

Monday was the first day of spring sports for high school and since there isn’t an athletic director hired yet I am taking care of it all. I have one person helping me but she can’t help consistently so it was almost non-stop work from Monday to Wednesday.
The good news is that things are starting to slow down, at least they appear to, so my life is coming back to normal.
This past weekend was probably one of the more epic weekends I have had as an adult.
It started with me and Gene playing Wildstar from 8am to 11pm on Saturday and then 8:30am to 2:30pm on Sunday with minimal breaks. It was double XP weekend in the game so we started new characters and played them until we made it to level 50, the top level. I have never done anything like this before but for the most part it was really fun. I’m quite proud of my accomplishment!
In between playing I made s’more trail mix and s’more marshmallows for a snack exchange I signed up for. I kept some of both for me and Gene and am glad I did, because the marshmallows are delicious! They were so easy to make and they keep really well.
I ended the weekend by playing D&D with my friends where we CRUSHED it and finally FINALLY FINALLY got out of the pyramid that we’ve been stuck in for 7 years (to be clear, we didn’t play consistently for 7 years so it was more like a couple months of game time but it seems like longer).
It was so amazing and so surreal. With us killing the final boss we also got to level 12. These things may not sound fantastic to those who don’t know the game, but trust me, it really is awesome. Now we are deciding what we want to do next with D&D. Whatever we do, I know that another adventure of some kind awaits us!

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