New roommate, more adventures!

Sidney moved in with me and Gene last week after our trip to Washington!  She flew back with us and has been here ever since. It’s been pretty awesome.

I’m already improving thanks to her. This past weekend the three of us biked to my work (which is downtown) (for the first time ever)! And now I’m going to try to bike to work on my own tomorrow. Biking down there this weekend made me realize that I can actually do it, it’s really not that hard. But up until that point, I only vaguely thought about biking to work, even with Gene’s encouragement the thought didn’t get far. So thank you Sidney for saying, “let’s go on a bike ride!” and Gene saying, “let’s bike to Lauren’s work!”

When I first met up with Sidney in Washington, she gave me this cool post card that was really a small piece of fabric that I cut out and sewed to make a stuffed cat. Something went a bit wrong when I sewed it a couple days ago and it turned out like this:

The face isn’t too bad but the legs, which you can see below the head, are really wonky. Still, it was fun to make and it’s mine so I’m happy!

With Sidney came a few changes to the house. Last week we went to Ikea and bought new desks for all of us. Now our computer room looks like this:

Sidney and I sit next to each other. I also printed off three NASA posters (from here) that I will eventually frame and put on my wall. I’ll move the Wildstar art that Sidney drew to Gene’s wall. It will be AMAZING!

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