Biking to work and cauliflower pizza

I biked to and from work today, took some time but no major problems. I didn’t bring gloves with me, which resulted in numb hands, but that was my only issue on the ride in. The ride back was a tougher as it was uphill and windy. Took me an extra 15 minutes to get home but I did make it.

Biking wasn’t bad but I don’t think it will be an every day thing for me, probably a once or twice a week thing.

Yesterday Sidney made cauliflower pizza for dinner. Instead of bread crust, it was cauliflower crust (cauliflower, spices, and egg). It turned out really well and for the most part actually tasted like regular pizza (I know, I was amazed). There were a few bites that I could tell were cauliflower, so next time I’ll make sure my side is a bit thinner. The crust held together when lifted and was a good consistency. I think we’ll make this again.

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