Sweeney Todd, spring gifts, Jungle Book, and game night

On Saturday, Gene, Sidney, Kaitlin, Kevin, and I went to see Sweeney Todd in the Denver Performing Arts Complex (got discount tickets through work). It was a fun production and both Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett were great, their voices were spot on. The scenery was impressive and even included whistles that blew out steam.There were times it was hard to understand the lyrics of a song, but that’s somewhat expected, especially when a group of people sing together.

After the production we stopped at the Iron Throne, the Game of Thrones’ throne replica to celebrate the new season.

Don’t I look royal? I could rule this world!

Kaitlin then gave me a little spring box full of goodies. I especially like the 8 bit purse and the mason jar drinking glass.

Today, Sidney and I watched The Jungle Book movie, bought fabric at JoAnn, and attended the monthly reddit game night.

The Jungle Book was quite a good movie and followed the book more so than the original cartoon (I’m currently reading The Jungle Book and gosh it is so different than I was expecting, it’s comprised of multiple stories of animals).

After the movie we went to Joann to purchase fabric for the pillows we’re going to make in a sewing class this week. We picked out Adventure Time (tv show) and Star Wars fabrics, they’re going to make some really cool pillows!

Later in the afternoon we went to Crit Castle where we played games with fellow redditors and bought some dice! It was a fun evening, I played two games I had never played before and got to play Forbidden Island again. Came home to Gene making dinner, what a great weekend!

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