Professional Day, Charcoal, and Pillows

Yesterday I was happily surprised when I came to my desk to see beautiful flowers. Turns out it was Administrative Professionals’ Day. I also got a lovely note and gift card from my managers. What love!

Then, after work Sidney picked me up and we had a quick dinner at Charcoal, a fancy restaurant. We had a Charcuterie board for the first time. We also had truffle fries. Almost everything was delicious, although the blue cheese was way too strong for either of us.

We rushed out of the restaurant to then go to a sewing class! We learned how to sew zippered pillow cases. Although I had a bit of trouble in the beginning, I finished the pillow case and it turned out really well. Sidney’s looks great too. We got coordinating patterns. LOOK AT OUR AWESOMENESS!

Now we must learn how to make clothes. We’re going to look at some patterns and buy some cheap fabric (hopefully muslin) this weekend to start figuring it all out. I’m so excited!

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