Garden of the Gods and Co Springs flea market

For part of the weekend, Gene, Sidney, and I went down to my parents’ house where we played games, went to the Colorado Springs flea market, and visited Garden of the Gods.

Saturday morning my dad took us to the flea market, a place that none of us had been to before. I have been wanting to visit the Mile High flea market but have never taken the time to drive up there so I was excited to go to this one. I ended up buying a few goodies too. I got a soil tiller, two snow shovels, some fabric, and two sewing patterns. It was fun to look around, searching for treasures. I’m happy with my purchases, especially the tiller and snow shovels, as I know I will use them and they only cost me $13 for all three. Now that’s a deal.

We then drove to Garden of the Gods in the afternoon for some lunch and a bit of walking. The weather was windy and rainy at times but it held out for the most part which was quite nice. We watched some rock climbers for a bit and did a bit of rock climbing ourselves, although at a very basic level. We will have to take Sidney back for some actual hikes and for warmer, calmer weather.


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