Denver Mart Drive-in

Sunday night, Sidney, Gene and I went to the Denver Mart Drive-in where we watched the new X-Men movie as part of Sidney’s birthday celebration (since I had to work late on her actual birthday). It was my first drive-in and I had overall a really fun time. Even Gene was getting into it!

We brought A LOT of pillows as well as a few blankets to make ourselves comfortable. I hunkered down in the back and Sidney and Gene hung out up front. We had loads of snacks, including funfetti cupcakes for Sidney’s birthday. Look at that gorgeous pink color, I love it.  We ate her cupcakes on Star Wars plates to make the evening perfect.

It was a fun experience and a good movie. We didn’t stay for the double feature (Superman v. Batman) mostly because I didn’t want to watch it and Sidney and Gene were being nice. If we go again I think I’ll sit outside in the nice deck chairs in the front, my car isn’t quite set up for drive-ins. I still had a blast and laughed so hard at one point that tears came to my eyes. I’d say that is a sign of a fantastic evening.

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