Pippin and thank yous

I had a department wide meeting yesterday to celebrate all our schools and people have achieved this year. For part of the morning we were asked to write a thank you note to someone not directly in our own group (as our department is separated into sections).

I ended up getting 5 thank you notes.

The entire Athletics team each wrote me a thank you note as well as one of my coworkers. It was really touching since I’ve basically been running an athletics program since October on top of my regular job. I am shown yet again how loved I am at work and it’s a very nice feeling. I think people genuinely care about me and recognize the work I do. Denver Public Schools may not be perfect, but there are some great people working there.

And then I came home to this little ball of fur:

Sidney put one of his mouse toys on his back and he just sat there, slightly confused. It was pretty funny.

One thought on “Pippin and thank yous

  1. So, so proud of you. Your strong work ethic and your kind, caring, upbeat personality have clearly had an impact on those you work with. And Pippin? Icing on the cake! Love the pic – he’s so silly. Look how his green eyes shine!

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