Xeriscaped front yard, almost complete

Today Gene, Sidney and I transformed our front yard into a xeriscaped one (one with no grass). I had killed the grass last week and the three of us started tearing up the yard and removing rocks Thursday and Friday.

Today we finished tearing up yard, put down garden fabric, planted, and covered with mulch. For some reason that doesn’t sound like a lot but I didn’t come in until 7:45pm and Sidney and Gene didn’t come in until 8:30. We did take a break for breakfast and lunch and Sidney and I went to the nursery in the afternoon to pick up compost and more plants so it wasn’t a continuous day but it was close.

We worked so much that the only two pictures I took today are of Gene’s sandwich from lunch and a plant I wanted to buy at the nursery. We have a bit more to do tomorrow so I’ll take pictures of the yard after that. I will say, it is looking good though. I’m really pleased and can’t wait to see how it evolves throughout the years!


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