I present, my xeriscaped yard!

We have officially finished the front yard! It looks awesome and I’m super pleased. We ended up doing all mulch, mostly due to convenience and price. My goal is to add in some big stepping stone rocks and cover the rest of the area with ground cover. That will take af few years but once we get there this yard is going to look so amazing. I already like it more than our grass yard.

Here’s what the yard looked like when we first moved in a year ago (sorry, it’s my only picture). Lydia and I had taken out the three plants you see in the picture so it looked better but the grass was patchy and there were lots of weeds.

And here’s what it looks like now:

View from sidewalk, looking at house

It didn’t die overnight!

View from the porch

Now I need to get some seating out front as well as some blinds or curtains to block us from the neighbors a bit and I’ll be set to sit outside and just watch the yard blossom.

Oh, I also need to get a drip irrigation system set up because I definitely do not want to water these plants every day. Perhaps next weekend!

5 thoughts on “I present, my xeriscaped yard!

  1. WOW!! Looks awesome! Can’t believe how much you got done over the weekend. I really like what you’re doing.

    1. 🙂 Sidney says you and Connor may visit in July, you totally should! It would be so much fun to hang out, I could probably take some time off too and the weather will be great!

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