Weekend bike ride

Gene, Sidney, and I went bike riding yesterday. We biked along the Cherry Creek Trail and made a stop at the Cherry Creek farmers’ market. The market was pretty small and had all the quintessential farmers’ market booths. We bought what was supposed to be lemonade from a tamale stand but it definitely didn’t taste like lemonade. Sidney thought it might be grapefruit juice and I thought maybe it was a very watered down pink lemonade. Either way it was refreshing as it was already quite hot outside at 11am.




We hopped back on our bikes and then made our way to Cheesman park. I had never been to this park before other than to drive by it so it was great. The park is pretty large and although the majority of it is just grass, we did find a nice shaded area under some trees to spend some time. Gene and Sidney climbed a tree while I laid in the grass and took pictures of them.

We also played a game of Hanabi and people watched for a bit. Eventually we got up and biked to Liks Ice Cream, an ice cream store a few blocks away. I got graham cracker ice cream with heath pieces in it and it was delicious.

We biked back home after ice cream where we relaxed and played Pathfinder (Pippin even tried to participate). It was a great Saturday.

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