Catch up time

One of my best friends, Elisabeth, surprised me with a visit a couple weeks ago. It was AWESOME! I was not expecting it at all, which made the surprise quite impressive.

We started off her stay by watching Finding Dory and dyeing Elisabeth’s hair purple and Sidney’s ends pink! Sidney then did our nails so we’d be all decked out for the Pride parade the next day.

It was our first time going to a Pride parade and it was fun (although, it was REALLY long). We got there early enough to get a spot on the grass under a tree so we were in the shade for most of it. It was great to see so many people supporting everyone, there were some awesome outfits and hair too.

But one of my favorite things we did while Elisabeth was here was PLAY D&D!!!!!! It was our first session with our new characters and Sidney as the DM. Oh my goodness, I had SUCH a wonderful time. We had some really funny moments with our characters which made the evening even better. I cannot wait to play again.

Both Elisabeth and I rolled crit 20s!

My other favorite thing we did was go to the Rocky Mountain National Park. We drove up through the Estes Park side, went through the park, and came home through Grand Lake. It took us all day but it was so amazingly fun and gorgeous and pleasant. It was so relaxing and enjoyable for me, I want more of those days.

After Elisabeth left, Sidney went and babysat my coworker’s dogs for a week while she was on vacation. So Gene and I hung out with Sidney on Saturday and then on Sunday the three of us went on a morning hike at White Ranch Park. That hike had such lovely views that I shall definitely go again (and bring my camera next time).

And now, here we are. Another weekend is soon upon me. Who knows what we’ll end up doing this time.

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