Photogenic Pippin

Pippin was looking quite beautiful this morning so I snapped a couple pictures of him before going to work.

He is such a fun cat to spend time with. What a personality he has. He’s quite the talker. It’s been really hot here lately so he sleeps more than usual and oh the cuteness he exudes when he sleeps. I also moved his cat tree back by the window and he’s been LOVING that. Now that’s he’s older he’s way more loving and fun than a nuisance. It is so nice.

One thought on “Photogenic Pippin

  1. Kittens to cats, children to adults … something to enjoy about all the stages. Pippin has definitely calmed down and is more interested in cuddling than he used to be, but you have to admit – he was an adorable kitten! Your pictures of him are great. Love the sunshine you captured!

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