Adrian Bliss’ videos – watch them

A few months ago my awesome bff Sidney introduced me to a Youtube series by Adrian Bliss called Vlogvember. Vlogvember is about a guy living in England who makes vlogs every day in November. Adrian (who is both the creator and main character in the series) proceeds to make fun of the things that celebrity YouTubers do in their videos, and it is amazing. What’s really great is that he pokes fun at these people while his character is completely serious about the things he does. He has an outro (which I do love, by the way). He eats American candy. He “collabs” with other YouTubers. He blatantly promotes products. He has a “heart to heart” conversation with his viewers while in bed. I’ve seen all this stuff done on other channels, it’s what you do if you want to make money. The way he does it, by being serious and funny at the same time, is breathtaking.

Adrian, the character, is this young guy with determination and a simplistic nature that is immediately endearing. He likes to point at pigeons and say “ugly”. He goes on weekly walks, hangs out with his bff Greg (love you Greg!), and gets a YouTube girlfriend. I fell in love with the character instantly. He’s this goofball who wants to be taken seriously and considers himself a serious artist. But he doesn’t know he’s a goofball and that leads to some sad and honest moments. He’s just a beautiful person and I think we can all relate to him in one way or another.

The series is truly wonderful. It is creative, funny, and was such a joy to watch. 

Then, June arrived and Adrian started another daily series-Vlune. This time it centered around Adrian and Greg travelling across the US in an RV in order to attend VidCon.


It was a fantastic series. It might even be better than Vlogvember, which is quite impressive. The story was interesting (they pick up a silent hitch hiker!), well written (the words that come out of Beth’s mouth), funny (they film a “Western” at an outdoor museum), and heartwarming (Adrian and Greg forever!). The shots were gorgeous and the production quality was professional. All this while still keeping the sense of silliness and whimsy from the previous series. The videos are brilliant. Adrian even brought along life-sized cardboard cut-outs of two fans, how fun is that. I loved every minute of his videos. 

Adrian’s content is a breath of fresh and welcomed air. I encourage anyone looking to smile (and who isn’t looking to do that?) to watch his work, his videos are well worth the time.

5 thoughts on “Adrian Bliss’ videos – watch them

  1. Hi Lauren!

    I just love your article about Adrian! (and your blog in general, but that’s another subject)

    I’m a french student at La Sorbonne in literature and communication and the final research paper of my master is about “vlogvember”. I was wondering if you would agree to answer a couple questions about your viewing experience ?

    I hope you have fun during the day and that you can do all the things,


      1. Hi Lauren!

        Thank you so much for doing this!

        Here we go :
        1- Did you use to watch vlogs? What about now? What do you like about it?
        2- How did you come across « vlogvember »?
        3- What is it that makes you laugh about Adrian Bliss’ humour?
        4- What’s your favorite character in the series and why?
        Bonus question : 5- Do you have an interpretation for the pigeons? If they’re standing for anything, what for?

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