Games times a thousand!

I have played so many games this weekend.

Kaitlin and Kevin came over for lunch yesterday and we played Flash Point, a cooperative game where you’re a firefighter trying to save people and animals from a house fire. Although the game is more clunky and more complicated than Pandemic, it’s still fun to play every once in a while. We played the expert version where we had an ambulance, fire truck, and specific roles. Kaitlin took us to victory by saving the last person we needed. In fact, Kaitlin and Kevin teamed together to save the most people. Great job for first time players!

When they left, Gene and I played Portal 2, another cooperative game, on the PS3 and we beat it! We had started playing it years ago and forgot about it when Gene got his Ps4. I remembered it recently so we played a couple of weeks ago and again this weekend and we finished. It was a lot of fun but quite challenging. The puzzles that come in the Portal games are not something that comes naturally to me, but I still like trying. I get it eventually which is always a prideful moment. And with Gene helping we get through levels generally pretty quickly.

After that, Sidney DMed our new D&D campaign with me, Gene, and Elisabeth. It was our second session, and our first one playing online. We’re about to journey to another city, and thus truly start our adventure. It’s going to be awesome. I play Pidget, a wizard gnome. She is so fun to play as she’s very bouncy and friendly. I’m really excited to see where this story goes.

Then today, we went to the library to play a couple games. Our AC is broken so the house gets really warm in the afternoons. But the library was air conditioned and we got ourselves a study room so we hung out there for 3 hours and played the Pathfinder card game as well as Gloom.

So this weekend has been full of games and adventure.

Side note: we will be getting our AC replaced but until then we’ll be toughing it out.

2 thoughts on “Games times a thousand!

  1. Talk to Dad about getting an air conditioner through Costco – they use local businesses. We were very pleased with the deal and services we got.

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