Yard’s still kicking it

My front yard is still alive, well, mostly. None of the plants have died but there are two different plants that seem to be struggling. My coworker said to not give up hope as she had plants like that last year and they survived and came back again this year, so that was nice to hear. Otherwise most of the plants seem to be doing okay, some are still blooming and others are in their second bloom phase.

One of my favorite plants. I bought this one at the nursery. Look at those colors!

We also have a new addition to our yard, a robin and its nest! I noticed the bird making it a few weeks ago while I was watering. Sidney and I are pretty sure the babies have hatched as the mother now sits outside her nest and I swear I saw her feeding something yesterday evening. I haven’t seen or heard anything yet though but I’m excited to see some baby robins hopping around as they learn to fly.

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