Walks, movies, and friends

I took today off from work and have had such a lovely day.

First, Sidney and I went on a walk around the lake by my old apartment. Sidney is playing Pokemon Go and there were a lot of Pokemon around the water. I forgot how much I liked that walk. I’m going to have to go over there more often (it’s just a block away). We stopped on the dock for a moment where Sidney spotted a birds nest with baby swallows. They looked so grumpy, it was quite funny.

Later in the afternoon Sidney and I went to Panda Express for lunch where I got a very pleasant and true fortune:

I think I’ve already found fortune in love – both with Gene and my friends and family.

After lunch we watched The BFG movie, which was sweet, funny, and adorable. Although the movement of the camera was a bit blurry for me when both the girl and giant were present and moving, the graphics overall were great and I enjoyed the movie.

I THEN got to video chat with my friend Katie, which is always nice. She is also playing Pokemon Go and she caught the elusive Squirtel AND Pikachu! Now that takes some skills.

I have had a great day so far and it’s still not done. Who knows what the evening will bring!

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