Colorado Springs, Pokemon, and Pueblo

At Red Dog Coffee

This past weekend Gene and I visited my parents in Colorado Springs. We taught them how to play Pandemic (I love my cooperative games) and I started playing Pokemon Go. There aren’t any pokemon at my house so I gave up trying to play when it first came out but thought I’d give it a go in a new location and what do you know, pokemon everywhere! I’m now level 8.


On Sunday we went to Manitou Springs for the morning where Gene hiked the Manitou Incline and my parents and I had breakfast at Red Dog Coffee. The coffee shop was pretty cute, they had local art all over the walls and in the back they had a small shelf library. I even splurged a little and purchased a magnet of a black cat dressed as Toothless, the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. My friends and I have joked about dressing Pippin up as the dragon so when I saw this it was too difficult to put it down. Isn’t it adorable?!

After breakfast my dad and I walked around Manitou Springs catching pokemon. I found lots of new pokemon, including three evee. It was a lot of fun even though I racked up half the month’s data in just an hour. 😦 I have to watch my data use now or be willing to pay an extra $10 to go up to the next tier. Ten dollars isn’t too much so I’m really debating it, especially since there are zero pokemon in my neighborhood. How is that possible?!

Sunday evening Gene and I drove to Pueblo to have dinner with my old friend, Edward. He was visiting New Mexico for the weekend and so we met in the middle. Gene and I walked around the riverwalk before meeting up and I caught a couple more pokemon. Next time we’re in town we’ll have to go back there. It was quite pretty, even while it was raining, and I’d like to walk the whole thing. We ate dinner at Edward’s favorite restaurant in town and visited for a while before heading back home. A two hour drive turned in to a 2 1/2 one when two lanes became one and backed up the highway for over a mile. I got a nice picture of the sunset though.

One thought on “Colorado Springs, Pokemon, and Pueblo

  1. It was such a fun weekend. Always a joy to be around you two. Still in awe of Gene doing the incline – in 43 minutes!!! What???? So the river walk was nice? Your sunset pic is gorgeous!

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