Walk on 16th and sunglasses

Yesterday, while most of my team was at a “gear up for the new year!” event, my coworker and I, who hadn’t registered for the meeting, went on a walk down 16th Street Mall. We’re only two blocks away and since neither of us had pressing work and it was so quiet in the office we decided to go on a short stroll.

All along the 16th Street Mall public art has been installed. It’s a new thing, at least since the last time I was there, so it was quite fun to look at all the pieces. I especially liked the piece comprised of painted bike wheels. Each one had a different noise maker in the middle so when you spun the wheel it made noise. The green one on the end made a “moo” sound.

Today was much busier though as all of the principals and assistant principals came in for a day long professional development meeting. It was a crazy morning but everything always works out in the end and an early start meant I got home at 3:30! I also got these cool red sunglasses that one department was passing out. Although I generally only wear my prescription sunglasses (no contacts for me) I had left them at home today on accident so it was PERFECT timing. I thought they looked pretty good for being on top of my regular glasses. I put them in my car so when this happens again I’ll be prepared.

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