Sidney’s parents visit

Sidney’s parents flew in on Saturday afternoon for a short visit. Sunday morning we drove over to Top Golf, where we hung out and spent an hour playing a golf game. I’ve never played a real game of golf before and I don’t think I’ve used a real club before so it was a new experience for me. My forearm muscles were sore for two days after. It was quite fun to try to hit the ball into the farthest “goal” I could. I didn’t get as far or as high as Sidney or her dad but I got a few good swings in. I’ll have to go back and try again.

After Top Golf we headed over to the movie theater to watch Ghostbusters. The movie made me smile and laugh so I’d call it a success. It was entertaining and although a bit goofy and over the top at times I enjoyed most of it.

We came back home after that and Tammie made us dinner! She made this delicious meal that was comprised of marinated tofu and fried rice. I don’t eat tofu that often so I was impressed when I liked it so much I had two pieces. And then I had leftovers the next two days for lunch! I think this meal has been added to my list of recipes.

Delicious tofu

On Monday we had a nice surprise when Gene got an unexpected package. It turned out to be Louise’s hat from Bob’s Burgers! My parents bought it for him so he can cosplay as Louise at PAX. That’s right, we’re going to PAX this year and we got the passes on Monday too! What a great week, I got to spend time with Sidney’s family and become even more excited for PAX. And tomorrow we’re getting our AC fixed!

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