New closet? Nah, no doors.

On Saturday, Gene and I got up relatively early and almost immediately started being productive. I made waffles while Gene took off my closet doors. Now, while the removal of closet doors may seem way more important, I’d like to think homemade waffles were of a similar value to our lives, at least to me. I freeze them so we can have something other than cereal for breakfast every day. Granted, Gene (and for that matter, Sidney) never eats the frozen waffles that I make but I eat them and I like them and that’s enough.
So I made waffle after waffle and Gene manipulated the screws and wheels of those pesky closet doors until he was able to pull them off. I helped move them to the basement and voila, my closet is now more accessible and looks larger. Not only that but without doors it means I can look at all my clothes at once and not worry about having to move doors while Gene is still sleeping. Here’s to another successful home improvement.

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