Broken lamp, Trader Joe’s, and Steven Universe

The morning started out with me waking up to my alarm (which doesn’t normally happen). In my haste to quickly turn it off to not wake up Gene, I dropped my phone and knocked over both the clock and the lamp. Guess the universe wanted Gene awake. The light bulb broke magically into the trashcan so that was cool, but now I have to try to pull off the remaining light bulb stuck to the lamp. What a great way to wake up, right?!

But I kept going and exercised with Sidney before heading to work to find a zucchini squash sitting on my desk. One of my new teammates has a garden and as she says it is overflowing with zucchini. Great for me because it means free food plus the knowledge that when I start my garden in a year (hopefully), zucchini will be on my list.

Work was normal and I swung by Trader Joe’s afterward to pick up some goodies. Look at that awesome haul (and that’s not including the frozen goods-butter chicken, naan, and mac and cheese balls!). I don’t go to Trader Joe’s often enough (or maybe I do, that place can be dangerous for the wallet). I decided to try out some of their cereal and granola bars for the first time too so hoping one of them is decent tasting and filling. I struggle with becoming hungry an hour after eating breakfast so I’m trying to find the food that I like that also fills me up for three or four hours. 

Later this evening, after some dinner, Sidney and I are going to watch some more Steven Universe. We have so many new episodes to watch, it’s awesome. The show keeps getting better and better – the art, the music, the stories, the character development. It may be on a channel directed towards kids but this show is definitely adult friendly. Go watch some episodes if you haven’t seen it.


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