Pippin and my backpack

Pippin likes backpacks. If he sees Gene’s backpack on the floor he will try to get in it, even if it’s full. I imagine it’s a cat thing: small space=good space. Well a few months ago Pippin got himself into my empty backpack and I carried him around for a bit. It was cute. I forgot about it until last week when he was meowing at the rack where the backpack hangs. After continuous meowing I finally figured “maybe he wants to get in it again” so I took it down and boom, he climbed in and the two of us walked around a bit.

Last night he was meowing toward it again so I took it down and let him get in and I walked around for maybe 10 minutes. He didn’t make a peep. I opened up the top so he could look out and he just peered around while I walked. If I could get him to stay like this outside then he could go on walks with us. I might test it out next time but we’ll see, the risk of him jumping out may be too great.

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