Perseid meteor showers

Last night, at 11:20pm, Sidney, Gene and I drove to the Castlewood Canyon area to watch the stars in hopes of seeing some of the Perseid meteor showers. We turned down a road about a half mile after the Canyon and pulled off in a fairly dark stretch. We laid out a picnic blanket, sleeping bag pads, and a sleeping bag and got comfy.

It was so much fun.

I could see the outline of the Milky Way and more and more stars came into view as the moon lowered itself in the horizon. The sky was breathtaking, even without meteors streaking across it. I hadn’t realized how many stars I was missing when I looked up at the night sky in my neighborhood. It’s a lot.

We did see meteors, a couple of really big, long ones too, and it was awesome. The peace and happiness I felt just staring at the universe was quite amazing. Nature and the cosmos do wonders to the mind. I want to make this a yearly thing, possibly even a couple times a year. I’d like to camp somewhere next year so that we can look at the stars longer and not worry about driving home. Also, pillows will be added to the checklist.

How fantastic that the Perseid showers happen every year, why was this the first year I went out to see them?! At least I started this year, there’s no time to lose, the universe awaits and it is spectacular.

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