Visit to Highland Rescue Station


Saturday evening Gene and I spent time with Kaitlin and Kevin at the Highland Rescue Station. Kevin volunteers at Highland Rescue every month as an EMT. He had a shift this weekend so we visited him and got a tour of the place.

The station is quite nice. There is a great kitchen, dining room, and living room in one area. The walls are decorated with old equipment and uniforms, which just makes the place. Down the hall are bedrooms and bathrooms and past that is the garage for the ambulances and emergency car. Kevin showed us the radio system used to communicate with dispatch and how there are speakers throughout the building so you can hear the call no matter where you are. But possibly the coolest part was getting to see an ambulance.

I had never been in an ambulance before. It was bigger on the inside than I had imagined and boy did it hold a lot of stuff. There were medical supplies in every nook and shelf, things I definitely wouldn’t think to pack. And Kevin knew everything!

I even sat in the driver’s seat and turned on the lights (no sirens, we thought it would be too loud). I felt almost like a little kid, everything was so interesting and neat. Kevin even took my blood pressure and oxygen levels in the ambulance. (My blood pressure was a bit low but not out of the ordinary, oxygen at 97%)

While we were sitting in the living room, watching the Olympics, Kevin got called into action! He answered the call and immediately went to the ambulance and left. We could hear him talking to dispatch all throughout his call, it was so fascinating. So Kaitlin, Gene, and I watched some more Olympics and played Love Letter until Kevin returned. Such is the life of an EMT. We hung out a bit more and then headed home, leaving Kevin to finish up his ambulance check and go to bed. What a fun evening.

Gene held Colt (Kaitlin’s dog) while Kaitlin and I looked in the ambulance.

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