Drip irrigation!

Yesterday, Gene and I FINALLY set up a drip irrigation system in the front yard. Both of us had been dragging our feet as we both thought it was going to be complicated and time consuming. I eventually caved and volunteered to do the research because we wanted something in place before we went to Seattle in September.

Turns out drip irrigation isn’t really THAT complicated. The problem was that the first piece of information I had found about it back in April was an overly complicated set of instructions. That set of instructions caused me to believe that it was confusing and intricate, when it actually doesn’t have to be. All you need is an adapter to connect to the outdoor faucet (where you would normally connect your hose), 1 inch drip irrigation pipe, ¼ inch drip irrigation pipe, and connectors to connect the two pipes. Spikes to hold the pipe in place are a nice bonus. Granted, there are options that you can add that change the way the water comes out, but once you get the above items down it’s easy to figure out the rest.

It took us two hours to set everything up, and that included a 30 minute trip to Lowe’s (it only took that long because we had bought something we didn’t need and it took 20 minutes to realize that). We will likely have to tweak some of the pipes but that’s easy going now that it’s all set up. We tested it out last night and it worked, I’m quite proud of us.

I ended the day by chatting with my friend Katie, talking to my parents, making puppy chow, reading, and watching Critical Role with Gene. Nice way to end the weekend, right?

Then I came into work this morning and was gifted some local honey from a coworker. How awesome!

Pippin likes the honey too

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