It’s pallet time

I’ve been wanting a new coffee table for about 7 months now, basically since we got our new couch. The couch is longer than our previous one and with three people in the house now (and soon to be four) our two ottomans make it hard for all three of us to stretch out our legs. I’ve been looking online and have found a couple tables that I think might work but they’re over $200 and I’m a bit of a Scrooge right now when it comes to spending money (especially if it’s just a chunk of wood).

At the same time I’ve been looking for tables to purchase, Gene has been pointing out every pallet he sees as we drive around. He is determined that we can take a pallet or two and make something of it. I’m a little more skeptical as I’ve looked at DIY coffee tables and know it takes more than a piece of wood and wood glue. Still, when we were walking in the neighborhood the other day and came across a pallet set for the trash, I was open to Gene grabbing it. He carried it back to the house and now it waits for us to work our magic.

I think we’re going to need at least one more pallet before we can start planning how to create a piece of furniture. I’m not sure we’ll end up building a coffee table ($200 may be worth my sanity and splinters) but I do hope that we end up building something, even if it’s an outdoor plant holder. I’ll keep you all apprised.

One thought on “It’s pallet time

  1. I still have two pallets here at the house. If you guys can find a crow bar or something to take it apart, you can have them. I tried with a hammer and couldn’t do it.



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