Biking, Botanic Gardens, and ramen

Yesterday morning, Sidney, Gene, and I biked to the Botanic Gardens. The day was absolutely lovely and so many people had the same idea as us: get outside! The bike path was full of bikers and pedestrians but we took our time and the ride was pleasant. When we got to the Botanic Gardens we were all glad we had biked when we saw cars circling the parking lot for a space. Yay for bikes!

On Friday, one of my teammates heard me talking about the Botanic Gardens and lent me her yearly pass. How nice is that?! It meant all three of us got in for free. As I was telling one of my coworkers the other day, I just feel so much love in my current job. Even though it’s not perfect, the people around me are great and I really enjoy being around them. They’re so thoughtful.

We walked around the gardens for two hours where I took more pictures than was necessary and got even more ideas about what to add to the front and back yards (hint: more flowers). As I couldn’t stop telling Gene and Sidney, I can’t believe how many varieties and species of plants and flowers exist in this world, and by golly the Botanic Gardens has a lot of them.

I really liked seeing their vegetable and fruit garden area full of watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and peas. Sidney suggested that when winter comes around and we’re feeling cold and miserable we can start planning a vegetable garden for the backyard. I’m totally down for that. I’m starting to solidify plans for what I want the backyard to look like. Give me a couple years and it’s going to be a fantastic place to hang out.

By the time we finished at the Botanic Gardens it was 1pm and I was ready for lunch. Gene found us a ramen restaurant (Osaka Ramen, which, coincidentally had its last open day yesterday, it’s now closed that location) nearby and we biked over.

Gene studying the ramen menu

Each of us got a different ramen. I stuck with the tried and true chicken ramen, Gene got spicy miso, and Sidney tried the special corn ramen. We ate on the patio and relaxed, soaking up the outdoors a bit more before biking back home.



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