First day of school, new year here we come

Today was the first day of school for my district so I volunteered to help a nearby middle school. I passed out schedules to 8th graders and although there wasn’t much direction (I’m finding this is the case for most things I volunteer for) it was fun once I found my place. Getting to interact with kids was enjoyable and it was a lovely morning. Next week I will have been in my current position for one year, so crazy.

Anyways, the rest of the day went by fairly quickly and after work Sidney and I went to TJ Max where I tried to find little travel size containers for my moisturizer but instead found a new mirror (old one broke a couple weeks ago). The mirror was only $20 (cheaper and more my style than Ikea) and it looks much nicer than the old one. Upgrade!

We had dinner early where we talked about hospital triage and then Gene and I went on a walk while Sidney ran to the store.

What will this new school year bring? I know for me it means visiting more schools and improving my skills. Can’t wait to see what else!

I leave you with something Sidney told Pippin only a moment ago. It made me laugh and I want to share:

“You found Frodo’s hair, buddy. We need to give you catnip more often.”

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