Tuesday workday

Today I came in to the office to be greeted by a giant zucchini and some zucchini bread. I thought that was a nice way to start my day. Although I didn’t take the giant zucchini home I did have fun taking a picture of it and just generally ogling the size of it. The bread was delicious and I’m happy to say we didn’t eat it all so I’ll get some more tomorrow.

Plastic knife for scale.

I then got to visit two schools with my manager and teammate. They were going around to see how the first week of school was going and they invited me to join. I felt so special getting to walk the halls while students were in class or passing period. It may sound silly but there’s a weird kind of feeling that comes over me while I’m in a school that’s in session and I don’t have to be in a class. I don’t have to follow the school rules because I’m not a student! It’s a bit of a rebellious feeling and it’s pretty great.

At the first school we visited we were able to speak with (until this year) the only female athletic director in the district. I absolutely loved working with her the past two years so it was awesome to see her again and see her office. Per the principal’s instructions she even gave us free t-shirts. Win-win!

Look at that delicious lunch

Then my manager took us to Fit Kitchen where he bought us lunch (another win!). Fit Kitchen is this cool place that’s basically a fridge full of pre-packaged lunches. They cook everything each morning and package up meals for the rest of the day. I got steak and sweet potatoes and oh my gosh it was delicious, way more delicious than I thought it would be. We took our lunch to the next school and hung out there for a bit before going back to the office. It was a good day at work. 

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