Panera, organizing, and now a concert

The weekend is here and that means less than one week until we fly out to Seattle for PAX! This morning Sidney and I grabbed some breakfast at Panera and then I started figuring out if I could pack everything in one carry on and one personal item. At first we were thinking we would bring a checked bag but I figured we could use that money ($25 each way) towards our vacation. I still have a few days to decide so I might change my mind but I would prefer to not pay any more money on this trip.

I also finished my Mabel cosplay today! Which means I hot glued a rainbow on to a shirt. Haha I’ll take a picture later and show post it as I think it looks good. And now Gene and I are about to go watch Garfunkel and Oates perform at the Paramount. Haven’t seen them perform before but I imagine it’s going to be fun. If you haven’t heard their music before I would suggest 29|31, Pregnant Women are Smug, or Sports Go Sports. Much of their music includes crude language or sensitive topics so be aware before you go too deep down the hole.

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