The Little Prince (and cool art)

Sidney and I watched The Little Prince on Netflix a few days ago. My coworker had recommended it and I’m glad she did, it was a sweet movie with a pretty animation style. A little girl, with the help of her mother, has her entire life planned, down to the minute. She learns to step outside the plan and enjoy the world when she meets her eccentric elderly neighbor who regales her with stories of a little alien boy. The movie, which I believe is based on a book, is a little heavy handed sometimes about how horrible adult life is, but overlooking that, it is fun and cute. Take it lightly, as I think it’s intended to be, and it’s a nice reminder that being an adult doesn’t mean you have to work all the time and never enjoy anything. I really like how the movie has two different styles of animation, I’m not sure I’ve seen that before and it was interesting.

If you have 1 ½ hours to spare and want a heart warming movie then check it out.

Side note: while walking to the bank today I came across this awesome piece of new art. It’s right up my alley, it’s wood painted at the ends. How cool! Can I have one of these in my yard?!

2 thoughts on “The Little Prince (and cool art)

  1. That art piece is gorgeous! You know they sell wood cubes at Lowes. You could paint just the ends and build your own sculpture.

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