It’s PAX time

I leave for PAX today! Over 6 months of planning and talking and the moment is here. We’re about as ready as we can be. Lists have been made and checked, items have been purchased, Pippin has been handed off, and luggage has been mostly packed. We even made t-shirts for the occasion! My eventual plan is to decorate my sleeves with symbols of my Dungeons and Dragons character and to maybe add her name to the back of the shirt. Future craft project!

I am so excited. I’m going to get to see multiple friends as well as Lydia (who is graciously picking us up from the airport, thank you!). This is going to be an amazingly fun week. our hotel only offers internet if we pay for it so I won’t be posting on here until I get back. The internet will likely be spotty at the convention as well so I’ll be offline most of the time. Here I come PAX, I’m ready for some awesome times!

Mabel’s shirt turned out well!

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