Back to work

Coming back to work after vacation is always a bit daunting and depressing for me. Especially after coming back from PAX.  I tried not to stress too much and did a decent job at it but what really helped was coming into the office and being greeted with friendly coworkers and good surprises. Wednesday morning I came in to a free t-shirt from the FNE Warriors (the athletic program I used to work for). It’s a shirt I actually like too! The day was busy but not overwhelmingly so, which was super nice as well.

Then on Thursday I got to visit a school that focuses on offering career courses for their students. They have programs for architecture, fashion design, manufacturing, automotive, nursing, video game programming. They have so many offerings it was truly fantastic to see. I got so giddy, I asked if they offered classes for adults because I wanted to learn about so many things but sadly they don’t. It was still fun to get to walk around and learn about the school. That afternoon I also ate peaches and cream that a coworker gave me.

Then yesterday evening Sidney and I picked up Elisabeth! She’s here for a few days before jet setting off to Europe for a couple of weeks. She got her boxes delivered today and has been working hard at unpacking and setting up her room.

Today Sidney and Elisabeth drove me to work and got me a muffin while they waited for me to get out of a meeting. It was delicious, especially since I was hungry at the time. Work was again a decent busy and now this evening we’re going to pop some popcorn and watch a movie together. Sweet!

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