I volunteered to pick weeds

Sidney and I volunteered at Samuels Elementary School this morning. Once a year, Excel Energy sets up volunteer opportunities and this year I decided I wanted to take part. I went to Samuels for 5th grade so when I saw they were an option, I knew I wanted to go.

While Sidney painted a United States map on the playground asphalt, I picked weeds around a gravel track. I met one of the fourth grade teachers who is also the coach for a program called Girls on the Run where 4th and 5th grade girls learn how to be leaders and run. Their goal is to run a 5k in November. Their group starts on Monday and the school wanted them to have a nice track to run on. It was a pleasant morning and the principal set up a sound system so music was playing, making the three hours pass quickly and enjoyably.

Look how cool this map is!

My group got all the big weeds out and the track looks decent. Sidney’s map turned out amazing, as well as all the other areas that people painted. We got a group picture at the end and were then set free. Sidney and I walked around their community garden where we met one of the gardeners and learned about the Denver Urban Gardens. Denver Urban Gardens is an organization that sets up urban gardens in the Denver Metro area. They have partnered with Denver Public Schools multiple times to set up gardens on school grounds so kids can garden as well as community members. So cool!

Cool bug art made from soda cans.

Afterward, we stopped at Starbucks where Sidney treated me to a tasty treat. I got to try new bagel bites, a small bagel ball with cream cheese inside. It was yummy and something I’d be interested in making if I ever make bagels.

Everything bagel balls, delicious.

We came home to find that Gene had already started the roast, what a lovely surprise. I’ve been relaxing ever since and tonight we’ll play D&D in person! Tomorrow Elisabeth leaves for Europe and Brittney and Josh come over to play games. I think this will be a good first weekend back from PAX.

2 thoughts on “I volunteered to pick weeds

    1. I told the teacher I met. She actually used to be one of the 5th grade teachers but moved down to 4th grade this year for a change. It was cool to talk to her for a few minutes about the school and what the 4th and 5th graders were doing.

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