D&D and board games

Saturday evening we played Dungeons and Dragons in person. It was great fun, I really like getting into character. Gnomes are such fun creatures to play. I think I’m going to have to start recording our sessions so I can listen afterward and type up summaries. I thought I could continue to write as we go but I hand wrote this weekend and I missed A LOT. Recording would allow me to not worry about writing and to focus more on the game.

Still, I had so much fun, I laughed a lot. There were some interesting things that happened this session so look out for the summary in a couple weeks.

Sidney used her new map board she got at PAX and it was awesome! It’s almost as big as our table and Pippin lay on it immediately.

We stopped in the middle to grab some Dairy Queen blizzards and then we got right back in it. Sidney came up with this brilliant (but scary) idea that if we want advantage in the game, we can eat a random Harry Potter jelly bean and if we can keep it in our mouth for 5 seconds, we get advantage. Elisabeth and I did it and Sidney got in on the fun too. Sidney and Elisabeth had fine flavors but I ended up getting “sausage” which tasted like BBQ sauce at first but quickly became quite disgusting. I lasted long enough to get that advantage though, which ended up helping me later in the game when we fought an ogre!

Yesterday our old friends Brittney and Josh came over and we played a couple of games and caught up. That was nice too and I especially liked playing Kittens in a Blender, the new game I bought at PAX. The illustrations were adorable, doubly so when we’re throwing these cute cats into the blender. Fun times. The game only allows four players, sadly, but I know there is an expansion out there so perhaps I’ll have to grab that sometime soon. It was a nice afternoon.

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