Eggs and Halloween

This is how Sidney lets us know which eggs have been boiled. I love it! She has also started decorating for Halloween. Last week she bought a few yard decorations. I think they look great. I’m starting to get into the Halloween spirit with Sidney around. We’re going to watch a horror movie closer to Halloween and go to the Chatfield pumpkin patch the first weekend in October. Gene and I went to Chatfield a few years ago with Lydia and I think it’s time to go again, it was so much fun to walk around and go to a real pumpkin patch. Although I generally dread the oncoming winter once fall comes around this year I’m looking forward to fall. I want to try to see some fall leaves in the next couple of weeks, it’s getting to be that time. Fall means that Elisabeth will move in and we’ll get a visit from our friend Aaron and maybe a visit from our other friend Donny. It means Thanksgiving and my birthday and the movie Moana. Good times are ahead.


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